The most important use of zirconium is in ​nuclear reactors​ for cladding fuel rods, for alloying with uranium, and for reactor­-core structures because of its unique combination of properties. Zirconium has good strength at elevated temperatures, resists corrosion from the rapidly circulating coolants, does not form highly radioactive ​isotopes​, and withstands mechanical damage from ​neutron bombardment​. Hafnium, present in all zirconium ores, must be scrupulously removed from the metal intended for reactor uses because hafnium strongly absorbs thermal neutrons. 

  • Zr702 (with and without Hf) scraps (e.g. tubes, sheets)
  • Zr705 scraps (e.g. tubes, sheets)
  • Zircaloy 2/4scraps (e.g. tubes, sheets)

We have the following grades available regularly:

  • Zr702 and Zircaloy turnings
  • Zr crystal bar 
  • Zirconium Sponge